How To Use Eco Friendly Kitchen Cabinets In Your House

Chemicals and other toxic substances are a health hazard, and long term exposure to them can make you end up with having to experience various ailments. Therefore, the use of chemicals need to be reduced as much as possible in your house. This is especially important if you have kids. Here are few ways in which you can make sure that your health doesn’t have to suffer because of the chemicals that are constantly around you.

Replace Them

Find easy homemade alternatives to chemical substances that are commonly used in your house. One such example is replacing the store bought solutions that you use for tile and grout cleaning with a DIY solution of vinegar and water. You can also replace any vinyl materials in your house, such as shower curtains, with ones made from natural fibres, since green kitchen cabinets, especially when exposed to heat, such as which is emitted from steam when you’re taking a shower, will release a substance called phthalates which are harmful to your body.

Reduce Use

If there are certain items that you cannot completely get rid of or stop using, then try to reduce your monthly usage of such items. The linings of cans used for food and drinks contain a harmful substance. You can reduce your exposure to this substance by buying less canned goods and purchasing fresh produce as much as possible. Plastic is another harmful substance and its usage definitely needs to be reduced. This can be done by reducing your purchase of water bottles and switching to a water purifier instead. Reduce the amount of plastic containers in your house as well and invest in few ceramic or glassware containers. Visit this page for further information regarding recycled building materials Melbourne.

Dust and Dirt Free

A not so commonly known fact is the existence of a harmful substance called fire retardants in upholstery, furniture and carpets. These are harmful to the female reproduction system and exposure to these can be reduced by vacuuming and dusting your house regularly. The dust and dirt on your shoes can also bring in harmful pollutants from outside, and should therefore be regularly cleaned or polished, or simple left outdoors.

Let Your House Breathe

While there may be quite a few harmful pollutants green building materials it is definitely not as harmful as air that has been locked up inside a house for a long time. Make sure you aerate your house often by leaving a few windows open. You can also bring in a few house plants, which will soak up all the carbon dioxide, and leave your house with good, clean oxygen. Make sure these plants get sunlight and some outside air as well.