Innovative Ideas To Use Glass In Your House

Glass is a non-crystalline solid which is transparent and has a widespread practical, decorative and optical use. These are utilized in decorating equipment like windows and doors, used as an insulator where as in optical instruments in the field of science and technology. During the early stages of glass manufacture silica, the main component of sand was used as the raw material. Sand was heated into higher temperatures and molded by cooling until the right shape was attained. Some industries still use sand as their raw material. What’s more interesting is that it has become quintessential in architectural elements for houses and buildings. Given below are some innovative ideas to use this non-crystalline solid in your house.


Balustrades can be used in place of a fence. In balconies, staircases and pool fences balustrades can be applied. Due to the use of glasses, an uninterrupted view of the other side of the screen can be enjoyed with concrete retaining walls. This can act as a wind break as well. Balustrades can be designed because custom cut glass facility is available. If privacy is necessary, these slabs can be either curtained or made of tinted glass.

Benches and table tops

An accurately custom cut glass slab of a considerable thickness placed on a table or a chair adds a glazing effect to the furniture. Nowadays many houses are furnished with a slab of glass on top. Made form a harder type of glass, benches and table tops can be deliberate to many shapes, tints and other features. This trend was predominantly popular in western architecture. With time it has now spread to Australia and Asian countries.

Decorative glass

Due to its versatility, glass has been used more than just for the view. Colored glasses with decorations have now been popular among the Europeans. It can be patterned, textured or screened into many patterns employing all the colors of the rainbow. Such painted glass springs not only an aesthetic value to the room but also provides a unique way to create privacy.

Splash backs

Commonly used in wet areas like the kitchen, bathroom and laundries, splash backs are a layer of glass that prevents the contact of water with the surface. Thus, it protects that surface from damage and enables it to be easily cleaned. Glass splash backs in Melbourne have become the modern alternative for tiles and have a greater demand in the market.

Few decades ago, we would have never thought that pool fences at Gold Coast could be used all over our house for different purposes. Nonetheless, innovative ideas and inventions have surely revolutionized the world.